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Posted: 7th January 2014

The indefatigable Roisin O’Connell-Hussey (First Year Ladies Association rep) has been in touch to remind us about the next meeting of the Clongowes Book Club on next Sunday, 12th January, at 18.00 in the usual venue of the lounge beside the ref. This will be the third meeting of the group this year. Roisin has written to tell us about their activities and to encourage all (not just Ladies Association members) to attend…

The book club got off to a very good start since the Ladies’ Association launched it last term. The club is open to all, from all years and with no need to sign up; simply drop in if and when free on designated Sunday evenings at 6pm (or drop a line by email with thoughts and comments on books selected or to be considered, if you can).

Being a scattered community, having only our boys in common in many instances, can be challenging.  Hopefully 2014 will see the book club added to the list of opportunities for parents to interact, get to know each other and by extension each other’s boys and become a friendly forum for discussion and exchanging ideas and opinions on books and other topics which evolve from their content.

The books selected each month will be put in a hat (or tea cup!) and one drawn out, except for holidays periods when two will be chosen.  A brief feedback on the books will follow after each meeting and be posted on the website. It is hoped at the end of the year a vote will be taken on which book was most enjoyed – the CWC Book Club Book of Year Award!? (For a list of  the various books which have been considered and those chosen as well as for feedback, visit The Ladies Association page on the Website under the ‘People’ tab on the right of the toolbar or by clicking here: http://localhost:8080/?page_id=1774. Ed).

We would also like to invite a writer to come and talk to us? Any suggestions out there?! Also, please let me know by email if you have any suggestions as to how we can make the Club more interactive and accessible – all ideas gratefully received!

The aim of the group is to read a wide range of books, selecting from a different genre each time. It was suggested that we offer two books for the holidays, a longer and a shorter read, so a choice could be made depending on the time available. The two books selected for the January meeting are:

Sue Monkidd: The Secret Life of Bees (above) and

Donal Ryan:    The Spinning Heart

The books which have been selected so far may be viewed on the website. Hopefully you find them interesting and we look forward to your participation in the future.

See you on the 12th!!

Roisin O’Connell-Hussey

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