Grammar Retreat to Emmaus - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 19th September 2013

Grammar Retreat to Emmaus

On Friday the 13th (!) of September, the Grammar students, set off to ‘Emmaus’ in north Dublin on their annual retreat. As an entire group we were brought together to one large room where we were introduced to the team members, who explained to us what a retreat is about. They also told us the importance of the ‘Road to Emmaus’ biblical story from which the centre’s name is taken. The layout and events of the day were explained and then we began with an icebreaker. After a break and some refreshments we returned to our smaller groups for further activities and talks.

Before too long it was lunch and great guffaws of laughter could be heard ringing throughout the cafeteria. Out for a game of rugby and then back to our groups for meditations which provided a relaxing end to the retreat. The visit to ‘Emmaus’ moved along smoothly and with both the centre’s staff and the students having nothing negative to declare the Clongownians reluctantly boarded the bus for home.

Although, we were sorry to depart Emmaus and its immaculately decorated gardens, the lessons that we learnt there will never leave us. For words of wisdom that truly inspire remain with someone till the end. I now speak on behalf of Grammar, in saying that that fateful Friday was most definitely a day to remember.

Jonathan Courtney, Grammar

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