Roaming with Lions - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 21st May 2013

The Lions came to town today but it was the boys of Elements who were doing all the roaring. Carton House was the venue for a public training session for the 2013 touring party. Despite missing several players due to their respective club commitments, there were still plenty of world-class internationals being put through their paces right before our eyes.

It was comforting too to see that professionals drop the odd ball or two, while a few sniggered at the enormous body suits that were thrown on in anticipation of contact. But soon it was apparent that the real competition wasn’t on the field of play. 72 first years armed with markers had their own goal.

When the session ended many of the players braved the short walk back to the hotel. Foremost amongst them were Irish heroes Paul O’Connell and Conor Murray. Unfortunately Lions captain Sam Warburton was whisked away by car but his Welsh teammates, Adam Jones, Alan Wyn-Jones, Mike Philips and Jamie Roberts made sure to sign as much memorabilia as possible.

As the year draws to a close it was a fitting occasion to mark what has been a most fun-filled year. The boys will remember this day for many years to come – and if they don’t Mr. Bowen will be sure to remind them!

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