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Posted: 19th May 2013

Featured May 20th

Conor Cronin (OC‘04)

Mr. David Nelson has long been in the habit of ensuring that the Headmaster has several artistic types to send down the avenue each year. Some of his former pupils, namely Gearoid Hayes (OC’98) and Harry Durdin Robertson (OC’05) have exhibited throughout the country to widespread acclaim. But Mr. Nelson can also lay claim to many more artisans who have not taken the more traditional paintbrush route into the art world.

Conor Cronin graduated from Clongowes in on Union Day, May 2004. A talented drawer, Conor took the most natural step available to him and attended the National College of Art & Design (NCAD) in Dublin where he studied Visual Communications/Graphic Design. Through this course Conor found that he was able to utilise his talents through a variety of media to creatively communicate ideas and concepts that could inform, challenge and educate.

With a growth in the graphic design industry prompted by the introduction of a vast array of new mediums (think iPhone, iPad), Conor gave himself the best chance possible in the business by emerging from NCAD with first-class honours.

A fluent Spanish speaker, Conor chose to further his education by working with several graphic design studios and advertising agencies in Barcelona for 3 years as a graphic designer/art director. At present, Conor is based in London where he works at the prestigious creative agency, Saturday-London.com. This renowned agency offers advertising, branding, digital and editorial consultancy for the fashion, luxury and media industries.

Through sheer hard work Conor can already count heavyweight multi-nationals such as H&M, Moncler, Calvin Klein, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger among his clients – at only 26 years of age. Never one to rest on his laurels, Conor will be presiding over a shoot in Sweden as this feature goes to press!

With a new state-of-the-art studio in Clongowes, the school has recognised the continuous wealth of talent in this area. Affording every student the opportunity to take to canvas, the next Conor Cronin is unlikely to slip through the net.


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