The Auld Triangle 2013 - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 8th May 2013

Passing the flame. The new record holder Jack O’Leary with his predecessor Mr Paul McCormack

 Results of the Triangular Race 2012

Third Line (Record 7.37.73)

1. Daniel Reilly    07.55.03

2. Thomas Connolly 08.01.33

3. Christian Casey 08.04.52

Lower Line (Record 7.19.31)

1. Jack O’Leary 06.54.00

2. Jack Gillespie 07.59.87

3. Stephen Gildea 08.02.37

Higher Line (Record 7.14.24)

1. Conor Ledingham 07.28.22

2. Russell Casey 08.01.28

3. Chris Coakley 08.04.27

Congratulations to all who took part. A great turnout! Special mention to Jack O’Leary who has rewritten the record books with a sensational run! The all time record was lowered by 2 seconds and now stands at 06.54.00 for the 2275m course. Many thanks to all staff who turned up to help and support.

Mr Pat Kenny, Gamesmaster

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