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Posted: 4th March 2013

Stand back delegates and diplomats of the world here come the Clongowes Wood College Model United Nations delegation. , were poised to take the Wesley College Model United Nations 2013 by storm. The MUN provides an opportunity for young students to represent allocated countries at a forum or setting modelled on the real United Nations in New York. As such delegates meet in the General Assembly and propose resolutions and amendments dealing with all of the major issues and concerns facing the international community today.

The first day of the conference on Friday February 22nd was busy as the 5-member team had to race from the disappointment of Senior Cup defeat in Donnybrook to their first committee meetings in Wesley in little less than an hour. Changed from their supporters garb to their business suits and formal gear they wasted no time in getting down to the difficult negotiations that would lead to their resolutions getting passed at the various committees on which they sat as the Saudi Arabian representatives. However, weeks of work, research and preparation meant that our delegation, representing Saudi Arabia, was prepared for the cut and thrust of international diplomacy on a host of varied committees. Delegate Alex O Sullivan sat on the Environmental Committee and sought allies in support of his arguments in favour of lowering restrictions on carbon fuel exports while developing sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels such as Nuclear Energy. Richard Flood, sitting on the Political Committee, argued in favour of a resolution that called on the international committee to resolve the problem of the exploitation of foreign workers and illegal immigration by offering financial support to those countries from which the workers were being trafficked in order to combat the problem in the country of origin. Daragh Counihan acting as the Saudi Arabian delegate on the African Committee sought support for his resolutions on the issue of Piracy off the African Coast, HIV/Aids and Recession and African Trade. In so doing he managed to strike up a mutually beneficial alliance with the South African delegate and influence the final resolutions as passed. Hugh Patrick Tunney on the Human Rights Committee represented the Saudi Arabian delegation and he argued the Saudi Arabian viewpoint forcibly on such issues as, “The right to Self- Defence, Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones and Marriage Equality.” Michael Doyle supported Hugh Patrick in his work on the D.I.S.E.C committee whose resolutions covered the areas of Cyber Attacks from China, UN Arms Treaty Co-operation and Mercenaries.

There were over three hundred delegates at the conference representing nearly every country on the planet in a model of the real UN Committees, Councils and Assemblies in New York. The conference began on Friday evening and the Delegates worked all -day Saturday, with short breaks, in order to get their resolutions and amendments passed by the General Assembly in time for the end of the Conference on Saturday night, February 23rd. Although, it was hard and tiring work, Saudi Arabia was well represented at the conference and their delegates enjoyed their time and deserved to unwind and relax with the new friends they had made at the Disco that was held on the final evening. I would like to thank all those that were involved in the preparation and organisation of the MUN team and Conference and we look forward to the next opportunity to engage with International Diplomacy at upcoming UN events.

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