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Posted: 29th January 2013

The Book Bingo Reading Challenge is underway. It has been devised and launched by the James Joyce Library in co-operation with Third Line teachers of English. This literacy initiative is loosely based on the game Bingo. Numbers have been replaced by reading challenges e.g. A novel featuring a lot of science and technology, A novel that deals with a historical war-time event, A biography, etc. Sixteen challenges are presented in a grid. Students aim to complete a full line of challenges (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) to receive a reading challenge certificate. Certificates will be distributed at an awards event early next term as follows;

                        Bronze Cert – 1 line completion

                        Silver Cert – 2 line completion

                        Gold Cert – 4 line completion

This literacy initiative offers students much choice in what they can read whilst at the same time creating for them a wider reading experience. We are delighted that a significant number of students are rising to the challenge..

Book Bingo will run up to Fri Mar 22nd, the last day of the current term. It is envisioned that the challenge will be repeated again during the next academic year giving students the chance to build on this year’s achievements.

Jane O’Loughlin

School Librarian

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