Annual Past Vs Present Debate - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 9th November 2012

The annual Daniel O’Connell memorial debate will take place in Clongowes on Wednesday, November 14th.  This year the present will be attempting to retain the title having beaten the past last year.  This year, the motion before the house is:  This house believes we are dominated by journalism.  The present will propose the motion.
The past team will consist of:
Peter Griffin OC ’87, John McHale OC’82, Louis Courtney OC ’57, and Cormac Lucy OC’78.
Mr.Mark Lochrin OC ’70 will chair the debate while the chair of the adjudication panel will be Mr.Justice Daniel O’Keeffe, OC’60.
Great thanks are due to the past men who are giving of their time to return to Clongowes and keep the spirit and tradition of debating alive.  However, word from the present team would suggest that the past can expect a robust encounter next Wednesday.
The debate will be held in Room 3 commencing at 18h00.
May the best side win!
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