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Posted: 25th October 2012

On the 24th of October Transition Year was treated to a C.S.I. workshop by a member of the Sydney Police Department. The groups had to solve a murder case presented by the police using the same information that was available to the real police when they had been asked to solve the case. This evidence was all quite disjointed and there seemed to be no apparent links between the different pieces of information; it was like being given a difficult jigsaw puzzle without the big picture to guide you. Some people seemed to figure it out pretty quickly while others found it much harder to think so far outside the box and put all the different DNA and clothing samples together to get one definitive answer. The workshop on the whole was a lot of fun and made us all feel as though we were real versions of the characters in shows such as ‘CSI: Miami’.

Photos by Michael Moloney & Eoghan Mcloughlin

Written by Eoghan Mcloughlin, Transition Year

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