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Posted: 24th September 2012

On Tuesday October 2nd the Headmaster’s Conference for U.K. and Ireland will take place in the Titanic Centre, Belfast. Delegates from Britain and Ireland’s top private schools (including our own Fr. Moloney) will be musically welcomed to the conference by none other than the Clongowes Wood College Traditional Music Group.

The C.W.C. Traditional Group, a student/teacher collaboration, has been playing together for over four years now. Originally founded by Catherine and Shane Heslin in 2008, it sought to create casual, informal traditional music sessions to bring students and teachers together to share their passion for trad music.  With over 15 members the group has grown significantly over the years and it now also boasts the virtuoso skills of Mr. Noel Mason on the accordion and Mr. Stephen O’Hara on the fiddle. The group have played several of the school concerts but also do regular sessions in local pubs around the Clane area. (Keep an ear out if you’re ever passing by Connolly’s Bar in Balla.) They have even had the pleasure of playing with master uilleann piper and prominent Irish folk musician Liam O’Flynn.

The very best of luck to the group for the conference, we know you’ll do the school proud.

Clongowes Trad Group Members

Catherine Heslin-Tin Whistle | Colm O’Sullivan- Tin Whistle | Shane Heslin-Guitar | Eoghtan McLoughlin- Guitar | Ciaran Madden- Banjo | Jack Galvin- Tin Whistle | Tim Burke- Flute | Dara Corbet-Concertina | Mr. Noel Mason-Accordion | Conor Breslin-Flute | Hugh Farrell- Bodhrán | Liam Lysaght-Bodhrán | Jack Savage- Fiddle | Mr. Stephen O’Hara- Fiddle

N.B. If any students are interested in joining the group please approach Mr. or Mrs. Heslin. Practice session is every Thursday at 1pm. Please note students must be musically proficient as no formal music teaching is provided.

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